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CLARITY PARTNERS is a private equity firm based in Los Angeles. We manage a diversified set of alternative investments through two U.S.-based private equity funds which made investments between 2000 and 2011. Our China affiliate KAILAI Investments was founded in 2005 and makes investments through two China-based private equity funds. Today Clarity Partners continues to evaluate U.S.-based opportunities in a broad range of sectors.

All of the senior members of our team have been successful investors, and many have held senior level operating and management positions.

Clarity brings to its portfolio companies not just equity capital, but assistance with strategy, technology, marketing, operating, and financing issues. Our extensive global network of entrepreneurial and managerial relationships has provided our portfolio companies with some of the best resources to drive growth and maximize value. Clarity’s investment professionals have been associated with the formation and development of many successful communications and media companies. With decades of collective experience operating, advising, and investing in growth companies, Clarity's goal is to work with its management partners to leverage our experience and create substantial growth and value.

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